Home Invasion (April 20th)

Sabrina Hale was allegedly in a sexual relationship with Quantez Gibson that lasted for over a year.
Mugshot of Quantez Gibson out of Louisville, Kentucky.

UPDATE: Justice is served! On March 10, 2020, Quantez Gibson plead guilty to kidnapping and robbery charges for facilitating the violent home invasion involving Hay and his daughter in St. Matthews. Click here for Gibson’s plea sheet. Sentencing for the horrendous crime is on June 1st. Michael Brooks and Louis Simmons are currently in prison as they both plead guilty to ten year sentences.


According to WHAS 11, Quantez Gibson was indicted on kidnapping and robbery charges. Quantez has been charged with masterminding the violent home invasion of Jonathan Hay and his 14-year-old daughter that took place on April 20th of 2017. Two men, Michael Brooks and Louis Edward Simmons, Jr. have plead guilty and are testifying against Quantez.

Jonathan Hay strongly believes his ex-fiancĂ© Sabrina Hale was complicit in setting up the home invasion. Quantez and Sabrina were in a intimate relationship that lasted over a year. In March of 2017 (a month before the attack), a judge issued an Emergency Protective Order against Sabrina for her violent threats made to Hay’s daughter.

It’s believed that Sabrina and her boyfriend Quantez Gibson (a repeated violent felon) acted out those sinister threats. Hay and his daughter were ambushed and pistol whipped from behind by Brooks and Simmons. Hay was bound, duct taped and assaulted for two hours with his teenage daughter. Brooks and Simmons are currently serving ten-year prison sentences. Quantez is facing a 20-year sentence when his trial starts in March of 2020. Sabrina is currently under investigation by the St. Matthews Police but has yet to be charged.

Watch Hay’s daughter, Iliana Eve talk about the violent home invasion that’s left her traumatized.

According to Jonathan Hay – Tim Hale, Becky Hale, Sunday Hale, Maria Danielle Holden, Chris Holden, Nikki Nusbaum Everhart, Monica Capps and Cappy Capps (Capps Mens Cuts) all supported the relationship of Quantez and Sabrina. The Hale’s, Holden’s, Nusbaum’s and Capps’ were all made aware of Quantez’s criminal past and his threats to Hay’s family. Surprisingly, they still gave Quantez and Sabrina unwavering support and help provide them with resources. They’ve also been supportive of Sabrina while she’s been under criminal investigation.